Intense physical activity is a popular way to manage stress and stay in shape. The rush of adrenaline during a run becomes addictive, same goes with weightlifting. While it’s likely that both of these activities will leave you feeling sore the very next day and it’s advised that you stretch it out afterward, sometimes our muscles need a little extra TLC.


Over the last several months I learned how to train hard and treat accordingly. Sure, stretching does the body good, but topicals are the cherry on top and it comes as an added bonus when they are medicated with a little something extra – for all of us extra people out there.

Miss Envy Botanicals are organic and contain non-GMO ingredients. Their complete line of organic medicinal cannabis products includes topicals, culinary additives, bath bombs, pet CBD treats, and cannabis oil (Phoenix tears) for MMAR/MMPR patients.


It’s A-OK to train hard, but love your bod just as much and only give it the best.

Miss Envy Botanicals. can be found at upscale dispensaries nationwide or online.

Consider us hooked!


Team Stonerbites

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