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Earlier this fall, I found myself in a cozy backyard for the launch of a brand new elevated lifestyle company, Milkweed. I’m passionate about owning and showing off locally crafted goods, so Milkweed was naturally exciting as hell for me. All Milkweed cannabis essentials are hand-crafted by Canadian creators, both purposeful and functional. Raw materials like clay, wood, and leather come together to bring modern sophistication and mindful intention to your cannabis consumption ritual. Never before has a “weed person” like myself dreamed of owning beautiful ashtrays, but now, there’s Milkweed.

The Milkweed Cannabis Accessory Collection

The current collection features a curation of Canadian artisans, including: The Otter Potter, Hide Boutique, Niki Marie Groulx and more. I was happily introduced to Niki, a master ceramicist who I may or may not have fangirled over. Everything she has created for the Milkweed cannabis accessories are small-batch and personal.

The Collection Tray ($22 CAD) is not only functional but beautiful, nesting within the Anytime Tray ($44 CAD). These two items, paired or separate, will certainly make great host gifts or quick “thinking of you and your wellbeing” tokens of appreciation.

My ideal setup would include: the Bentway Tray ($95 CAD) for its beautiful black walnut and optimal presentation, Midnight Bowl ($35 CAD) to capture all of my pre-rolls (and honestly just to look at), and the Cabin Vibe Canister ($45 CAD) to contain whatever is on rotation for the week.

For those of us sick of improvising with whatever’s within reach (see: me crouched over a hotel bathroom toiletry tray, armed with a bobby pin and some corner store rolling papers), the Road Trip Kit ($245 CAD) is a traveler’s dream. Once I get my hands on it – it’s currently sold out – this will be in my arsenal for all future elevated adventures, and for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of Milkweed is a bit of a dream. These pieces are a grown-up way to bring beauty and functionality to your setup, all while keeping your ritual discreet and low-maintenance.

Instagram: @milkweed_co

Milkweed Cannabis Accessories


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