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Ah, Christmas. When lighting trees takes on a whole new meaning and artisans get extra creative with their seasonable batches of edibles. Here’s a list of cannamas gift ideas for the stoner in your life.

Ding dong merrily on high, indeed.

Cannadvent calendar

PRAISE BE! We are SO happy that someone came up with this. Stop by and visit our good friends at 1066 to pick up your cannadvent calendar and surprise your favourite bud with a daily dose of holiday cheer! Nothing says “Happy Cannamas” quite like an appropriate advent calendar.

Alair Vaporizer

Alair has been killing it in the vape sector of the market. Their discrete pens are shorter than the average as slick AF and don’t even get us started on the vintage-aesthetic cartridge. This little beauty is great as a standalone gift or as a stocking stuffer.


Give the gift of experience with Birch+Fog! Their website is a great source of inspiration for holiday gift ideas on its own because it allows you to choose the holiday experience you’re after. Whether it’s hitting the slopes, enjoying a cup of cheers with friends or intimate moments with your lover, there’s an experience match for that cannamas event.

Be sure to use FOGGYBIRCHMAS at checkout!

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The Lit Kit

Got a lover you want to light up over the holidays? This is THE kit for all of your sensual needs. Perfect for that lover, partner or friend with benefits in your life – or a friend who could use some added excitement in their love life.

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Get Cannasexual with Ashley Manta

Which leads us to our next gift recommendation. Ashley Manta is a professional sex educator who mindfully combines sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand, and has enough credentials to blow more than just your socks off (see what I did there?).

Treat your friend, lover or partner with the gift of climax by purchasing one of her packages, and use stonerbites at checkout to get 25% off your purchase! Read more about Ashley’s work on her website.

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Ganja Goddess Getaway Tickets

This one’s for the ladies! Treat your bestie (and hopefully yourself) to a fabulous weed retreat! This experience has been life-changing for many (myself included) and is the best environment to truly rediscover yourself within a sacred space free of judgment or stigma. So let your weed flag fly HIGH, and channel your inner goddess!

Float Baths

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank, in a bath of magnesium salts is one of the best ways to tune the world out. If you’ve ever tried this before, you’re already aware of the benefits. OK, now think about doing that with cannabis (preferably equal doses of THC and CBD – hello entourage effect!). Check out the closest spot in your city and be sure to ask about any holiday specials that they are currently running. If you are in Toronto, check out Float Toronto and ask about their holiday package!

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Ganja Yoga Classes

These seem to be popping up throughout North America where cannabis sale and consumption is legal on some level. Open up Google and let your fingers do the searching to see where you can treat your closest mate to the best yoga sesh (and ‘sesh’) of their existence. Shoutout to Dee for kicking this off and starting a movement of elevated Yogis!

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Put a Crown on it

Crowns are the decorative filters you never knew you needed. Founded by entrepreneur extraordinaire Rachel Colic, crowns make for a beautiful touch to your preroll. Bonus: use clear or decorative rolling papers to compliment your Crown – because you are a Queen and you deserve only the best.

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Treat, Train, Repeat with Blessed Edibles

The edibles market is ripe with selection, but we have a major soft spot for Blessed. The gourmet quality of the chocolates just adds to the already incredible product value. If you have a friend or relative who trains on the regular and has considered elevating their workout regime, Blessed has the perfect product line to fulfill their pre and post-workout needs. Find out more by visiting Blessed Edibles online.

Shelfies Outrageous Prints

For that friend who wears their heart for Mary Jane on their sleeve, now they can literally wear it everywhere. Shelfies has a wide range of canna-friendly (and celebratory!) body swag, so we HIGHly recommend visiting them online to scope out the goods for yourself.

Or so they tell us… 😬🍁 #shelfies #mj #weedsweater #kushhoodie #psyhedelic

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