High5 Presents: Pride Market – Smoke the Rainbow!

Kick off your Pride Party right and join The High5 on June 17th’s PRIDE Market!

With Pride month in full swing, there really is no better way to celebrate than with your friends and the High5 ladies.  Just a week before the Pride Parade, this is the best way to stock up on your medical needs, meet new people, and enjoy some killer performances.

So if you are for the rainbows and for 420 this event will be perfect for you. And if you aren’t? Why not come out and experience something new!

Who are the High5 Ladies?

Pride brings you High5 with Drag queens, comedians and more
The High Five Ladies and Drag Queen Lucy Flawless via High5

The High5 ladies are an amazing group of charismatic young women with a passion for cannabis. They are creative, funny, and always make sure to capture the essence of  Toronto in each event. You can tell who they are but the iconic green hair and you may even find them around the city hosting any number of variety shows.

The best part is they offer a plethora of services for your event. They have several packages from modeling to commercial work and each are talented in a range of art abilities: So, whether you are looking for some 420 burlesque dancers or a cannabis-themed comedy show, the High5 ladies will not let you down. They aren’t just smokers, they are advocates passionate about cannabis!

What to Expect?

Pride Snow Cones
Rainbow CBD Snow Cones to be provided at the CBD Bar. via High5

While this isn’t the first event, it never ceases to be new and creative. These monthly events bring together over 25+ of Toronto’s favorite edibles producers, live entertainment and openly welcomes all walks of life.

This month is dedicated to Pride and in true Pride fashion, this event will be hosted by Drag Queen Lucy Flawless. Not to mention, the High5 are bringing back the witty and hilarious comedian Paul Thompson to leave the audience with a few good chuckles.

Each month this event always makes sure to create something fun for the CBD Bar. The featured item this month? RAINBOW CBD INFUSED SNOW CONES!!! Is your mouth-watering? This is the perfect drink to represent Pride in all its colours and to show you can still have fun without the alcohol!

Be Prideful!

So if you are looking for something fun to do as a group or even a solo adventure, the High5 events always offer a little something for everyone. The evenings are full of fun, entertainment and can definitely be a social sanctuary for people to support local producers and craftspeople. Overall, you will leave educated, connected and probably a little stoned!

*First 100 people in the door receive a free THC/CBD infused Lube!*
*First 80 people in the door receive a free special edition High5 T-shirt!*
*Free tote bags with entry!*

10 reasons to come to The High5 Presents: Pot of Gold

Another Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us, which means the town will be painted green over the next 24 hours while indulging in a variety of drinkables and edibles. The High5 presents a different take on this Irish holiday, and it will involve more than 25 craft cannabis brands in one gorgeous venue.

This elevated market is a must for the curious and Epicurious of cannabis, and here are 10 reasons why you should join us tonight.

Baked + not-so baked goods

Duh, the main reason you came? Selections include baked and no-baked bites, candies and beverages. Bakerz Shop (high, Lida!), Sofa King Baked, EP Infusions, Purple Canna Crown and many others await your taste testing, so get on that $10 ticket ASAP and get more tasting bang for your buck.

Dab bar

Perfect for the low-calorie taste connoisseur, dabs will be had! Being a lightweight, we’re coughing already. Hidden Valley Reserve will have a table set up, so stop by and say high!

The High5 

You’ve seen their epic promo shots, now come meet the ladies who are a main driving force for putting this event together. Sarah Gillies and Samantha Smith have been working hard on their recent High5 rebrand, and we are here for it. Also – can we talk about those gorgeous wigs?!?!


Made with 100% cannabis bud butter, Miss Fudgemaker crafts a variety of artisan fudge flavours. After tasking them at the Love Market, I can confirm that if you add in some Baileys to the recipe, this is probably the closest thing to the ideal Saint Paddy’s treat.

Savoury treats

Matties Patties pack a punch of flavour and somewhere around 120 mg of THC. While that would put me on my ass, it may be your perfect dose.

Topicals, tinctures and athletic recovery…Oh, My!

Included in the roster of ab-fab infused brands are those that not only make us feel good inside but outside as well. You’ll find the likes of Blessed™, Charlene Freedom, Hemp Med and Dragon Elixirs onsite, to suit all of your relief needs.

Our main squeeze and Muay Thai Queen, Angelina will be blessing everyone with her edibles and athletic recovery insights. The train, treat, repeat Blessed™ owner produces high (lol) quality chocolates that are guaranteed to get you feeling zen after an intense sweat sesh.

Meanwhile, Gideon of Dragon Elixirs is healing sore muscles and joint pain with his wintergreen and rosemary Dragon Rub. Speaking from personal experience, this formula has helped me with my lower back pain immensely. The elixirs line is brilliantly crafted, with formulas that cater to several alchemic wellness needs.

CBD cocktail bar

Tasty and better-for-you cocktails, these drinks are THC-free, booze-free and help to dilute those “uh-oh, I think I overdid it with the edibles” moments. Which bring us to our next point…


Now while you may decide to venture off and join the insanity that is Saint Patrick’s Day in Toronto at some point this weekend, this event is 110% booze-free – so you’re guaranteed to enjoy all the benefits of a night out minus the dreadful hangover. Luck has nothing to do with it – just give your liver a break and satisfy your taste buds instead.


Comedy and cannabis is an obvious pairing for guaranteed good times, and that’s why Lucy Gervais hosts all High5 events. She’s as hilarious as she is witty, and if you haven’t seen her in action, there ain’t no time like the present!

It’s happening in the East End

Oh, right. This mainly applies to us…


Get your ticket on NOW in advance so you can put more green into your stash.

Happy Saint Paddy’s everyone, and remember – when it comes to edibles: start low and go slow.

How Microdosing is Encouraging a New Era of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis on the rise as the next big thing in the medical field and the industry has opened up to be more inclusive of the recreational portion of the community as well.

So what exactly is a microdose? To microdose means taking just enough THC to activate the endocannabinoid system without the heavy psychoactive effects that could work against the experience you are seeking. This dose sits anywhere between 1 milligram to 5 milligrams of THC, depending on your tolerance and activity.

This is a great method for those who enjoy certain aspects of cannabis but have experienced too many negative effects which keeps them from using it therapeutically.

This isn’t to say that the psychoactive experience is entirely negative, but certain situations lend to a more mellow, focused mindset.

The beauty of microdosing is that you experience a creative opening with a clear mind. Low dose amounts of THC provide all the benefits of consumption without the heavy psychoactive effects that can lead to feelings of lethargy and brain fog (depending on what you’re smoking).

Microdosing best practices

When consuming cannabis for therapeutic use, too much THC can yield negative returns. Taking too high a dose can overwhelm the mind and underwhelm the body, so chances are you’ll be less productive. You can avoid taking too high of a dose, if you remember to follow the same guidelines that apply to edible consumption: start low and go slow.

Microdosing is personal! Just because your friend Susan can pack in a 10 mg brownie and brag about ‘barely feeling high’, doesn’t mean that you should do the same thing. We all have a different threshold when it comes to the effects of THC, but for newbies and high-functioning folks, less is more.

Recommended Strains

Harlequin is favoured by many, as is Pennywise and many of the Haze strains. I tend to refrain from inhaling smoke pre-workout since I’m mildly asthmatic and prefer tinctures or vaporizers, like Phoenix Tears by Baked Edibles, which are 20:1 CBD:THC and can be found in the Birch+Fog online marketplace. This offers a great way to dose sublingually moments before engaging in a fitness or creative activity.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: how do I know what a microdose is for me?
Good question! Not everyone has the same tolerance, so what might be a microdose for a well-seasoned cannabis patient or recreational consumer might have a newbie flying high above the clouds.

Here’s a great infographic that perfectly outlines the proper dose that would be right for you:

green renaissance


What is microdosing good for?

Therapeutic Purposes

Chances are, you’ve tried pharmaceutical medications to mitigate health issues, and didn’t like the side effects – which would make you a great candidate for microdosing. Cannabis can be wonderful for medicinal, therapeutic use, and has done wonders for psychiatric treatment.
On a personal level, I’ve experienced incredible moments of clarity while taking cannabis in the form of low-dose edibles or tinctures.

Physical activity: boost your fitness with microdosing!

Cannabis is a great tool that can help to shift your perspective. A true motivator! It’s widely used as part of a health and wellness regime by those who engage in fitness and enjoy the feeling of being more ‘present’ during their workout. Angelina ‘Blessed’ of Blessed Edibles is a prime example of how cannabis can be incorporated into fitness, but also praises the entourage effect for its added value of THC/CBD and caffeine combo to enhance your workout. ”I’ve tried training by taking CBD alone, and I was just too relaxed, but pairing that with a couple of puffs of Sativa is my ideal combination. Water-soluble THC works well, but to get a boost, and coffee with my morning workouts, especially of the Bulletproof variety.”

How To Consume?

Your method of consumption is crucial in controlling your dose, and some make it easier to gage than others. Vaporizing, while less discrete, is great for the instant effect, whereas ingesting edibles or tinctures can be done anywhere, but will take a bit longer to kick in (depending on your metabolism).

Vaporizing cannabis allows gage your dose accurately while avoiding harmful carcinogens. It also allows you to enjoy the subtle cannabinoid and terpene profiles, which can add to the overall experience. We recommend trying the PAX 3 or Alair Vaporizers, which are discrete, chic and won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb.

While this method is far more discreet than lighting a pre-roll, edibles and tinctures are your best option if you are indoors and in a public space. These allow you to medicate wherever, whenever and often yield a longer, more therapeutic experience. Dosing can be more easily and accurately measured when you have a metric provided in a bottle or a chocolate bar (if one bar contains 100 milligrams of THC, maybe stick to half of a square).

Cannamas cannavent Calendar 1066 Toronto

Merry Cannamas!

Ah, Christmas. When lighting trees takes on a whole new meaning and artisans get extra creative with their seasonable batches of edibles. Here’s a list of cannamas gift ideas for the stoner in your life.

Ding dong merrily on high, indeed.

Cannadvent calendar

PRAISE BE! We are SO happy that someone came up with this. Stop by and visit our good friends at 1066 to pick up your cannadvent calendar and surprise your favourite bud with a daily dose of holiday cheer! Nothing says “Happy Cannamas” quite like an appropriate advent calendar.

Alair Vaporizer

Alair has been killing it in the vape sector of the market. Their discrete pens are shorter than the average as slick AF and don’t even get us started on the vintage-aesthetic cartridge. This little beauty is great as a standalone gift or as a stocking stuffer.


Give the gift of experience with Birch+Fog! Their website is a great source of inspiration for holiday gift ideas on its own because it allows you to choose the holiday experience you’re after. Whether it’s hitting the slopes, enjoying a cup of cheers with friends or intimate moments with your lover, there’s an experience match for that cannamas event.

Be sure to use FOGGYBIRCHMAS at checkout!

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The Lit Kit

Got a lover you want to light up over the holidays? This is THE kit for all of your sensual needs. Perfect for that lover, partner or friend with benefits in your life – or a friend who could use some added excitement in their love life.

A post shared by Kush Queen® (@thekushqueens) on

Get Cannasexual with Ashley Manta

Which leads us to our next gift recommendation. Ashley Manta is a professional sex educator who mindfully combines sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand, and has enough credentials to blow more than just your socks off (see what I did there?).

Treat your friend, lover or partner with the gift of climax by purchasing one of her packages, and use stonerbites at checkout to get 25% off your purchase! Read more about Ashley’s work on her website.

A post shared by Ashley Manta (@cannasexual) on

Ganja Goddess Getaway Tickets

This one’s for the ladies! Treat your bestie (and hopefully yourself) to a fabulous weed retreat! This experience has been life-changing for many (myself included) and is the best environment to truly rediscover yourself within a sacred space free of judgment or stigma. So let your weed flag fly HIGH, and channel your inner goddess!

Float Baths

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank, in a bath of magnesium salts is one of the best ways to tune the world out. If you’ve ever tried this before, you’re already aware of the benefits. OK, now think about doing that with cannabis (preferably equal doses of THC and CBD – hello entourage effect!). Check out the closest spot in your city and be sure to ask about any holiday specials that they are currently running. If you are in Toronto, check out Float Toronto and ask about their holiday package!

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Ganja Yoga Classes

These seem to be popping up throughout North America where cannabis sale and consumption is legal on some level. Open up Google and let your fingers do the searching to see where you can treat your closest mate to the best yoga sesh (and ‘sesh’) of their existence. Shoutout to Dee for kicking this off and starting a movement of elevated Yogis!

A post shared by Dee Dussault (@ganjayoga) on

Put a Crown on it

Crowns are the decorative filters you never knew you needed. Founded by entrepreneur extraordinaire Rachel Colic, crowns make for a beautiful touch to your preroll. Bonus: use clear or decorative rolling papers to compliment your Crown – because you are a Queen and you deserve only the best.

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Treat, Train, Repeat with Blessed Edibles

The edibles market is ripe with selection, but we have a major soft spot for Blessed. The gourmet quality of the chocolates just adds to the already incredible product value. If you have a friend or relative who trains on the regular and has considered elevating their workout regime, Blessed has the perfect product line to fulfill their pre and post-workout needs. Find out more by visiting Blessed Edibles online.

Shelfies Outrageous Prints

For that friend who wears their heart for Mary Jane on their sleeve, now they can literally wear it everywhere. Shelfies has a wide range of canna-friendly (and celebratory!) body swag, so we HIGHly recommend visiting them online to scope out the goods for yourself.

Or so they tell us… 😬🍁 #shelfies #mj #weedsweater #kushhoodie #psyhedelic

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Green Revolution Cannabis Weed Empowerment

The Green Renaissance

A Renaissance of Elevated Proportions

When I first stumbled on the idea of comparing the resurgence of cannabis with the cultural Renaissance of antiquity (referred to as the Cultural Renaissance for the sake of this article), with it came an echo of ideas and sentiments from passing conversations with some of the thought and industry leaders in Canadian cannabis. One of these incredible people is Julie Chiariello, Editor of Skunk Magazine and Highway. Julie’s energy is often described as contagious, and her dedication to the cannabis community is nothing short of inspiring. The recollection of this and similar encounters quickly cemented and nurtured the seed of inspiration in my mind for The Green Renaissance, and it’s been growing ever since.

The most obvious parallel between the Cultural Renaissance of antiquity and the modern Green Renaissance has been the poignant role that this sacred plant has played in both eras. It was especially valuable in sustaining the colonial enterprise during the Cultural Renaissance, with everything from its fibers to its resin used in clothing and raw material for the rigging of sails to pain management, and even as a conduit to mediate the flow of creativity.

See, even our forefathers were ‘down’ with Mary Jane.

Fast forward to 2017 (which has been one helluva year, right?), where we are at this very moment experiencing a transformational cultural shift and the cannabis space is reaching a pinnacle of creativity. Thanks to the grassroots activism that pushed for the normalization of cannabis, the plant is slowly gaining ubiquity in our daily lives, breaking the stigma in the process.

As an entrepreneur, writer and consumer operating within this ‘green space’, “what a time to be alive” is something that I find myself saying rather often. The winds of change have been picking up momentum over the last year, thanks to the upcoming legalization in Canada. With that shift comes great responsibility, not only from our law and policymakers but from the community as a whole.

Those of us involved in the space have witnessed and experienced the benefits of peaceful activism, thanks to those who have time and again resisted the status of prohibition. Of course, depending on which province you call home, some have more lenient regulations than others. While the West Coast experience has been far more liberal than the East Coast, Federal regulations do not discriminate.

Despite all of this, Canadian cannabis brands, overall, are doing well for themselves but community support is vital. It takes a village to raise a child, and in this space, cannabis is no different. From cultivation to consumption, the importance of community support is seen in every stage of building a cannabis brand and keeping it alive.

Probably the best thing to come from this green renaissance ‘rebirth’, is how this revolution has created a space to present cannabis as a lifestyle.

Breaking the stigma is not as easy as breaking the internet. However, when you have a community of high-functioning cannabis consumers who are professionals of the industry and are working hard to shatter the misconceptions around what a ‘stoner’ looks like, it’s not hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Weed, The People

The green renaissance wouldn’t be possible without the people of the industry – the agents of change that have made this space what it is today. From producers and dispensary owners to health and wellness experts, diversity is embraced and well represented amongst the people in Canadian cannabis.


The activists and creators of the industry have been integral to the movement, and they have proven that calculated risk-taking can yield incredible benefits – particularly in the grey market. Just take the Prince and Princess of pot for example. Jodie Emery has been fighting pot prohibition since 2005, proving that you can both grow a business in the grey market and be a voice for the people simultaneously.


Women Grow is a network that was created to connect, inform, educate and inspire women in the cannabis space. The organization started out in the United States and has a chapter in Toronto – the only Canadian Chapter, mind you. Chairwoman Antuanette Gomez has been connecting Toronto’s diverse cannabis community, with a special focus on women of colour. Their empowering and inspiring networking events are growing every month, which is exciting to see.

Flower-less Creations

Selling non-cannabis based products as a means to communicate change has been a great way for Eves of Eden creator Rachel Colic to add a dose of femininity to an otherwise bland smoke sesh. As a long time cannabis enthusiast, Rachel saw an opportunity to create a product that redefines what it means to be a woman who uses cannabis. One by one, Crowns are beautifying the medicating process. Who knew adding a crown to your pre-roll could be such an experience changer?

A post shared by EVES of EDEN (@eves_o_eden) on

Media Darlings

Sarah Hanlon is an outspoken cannabis advocate who writes for 24 Hour Mag in Toronto and was the winner of Big Brother Canada in Season 3. She engages with her large, dedicated following on Instagram role as a public figure and ambassador for Leafly. “We can’t wait until legalization to educate people on cannabis, the time is now!”

A post shared by Sarah Hanlon (@flatshanlon) on

Cultivating a lifestyle free of stigma: how do you ‘come out’?

It’s been nothing short of impressive to watch these people flourish and build a name for themselves within the space, but what about those who are smoking in the shadows?
While some are perfectly OK smoking in secret, others have described their ‘outing’ experience as coming out of the closet. A TEDx talk by David Schmader did just that, where he described coming out as a stoner being similar to ‘coming out’ as gay both in the workplace and within his personal circle. Despite being the overachiever in the office, he still held reservations about his transparency of his extracurriculars, but also addressed how silly it is to peg all cannabis consumers as recreational. “The most exciting developments in medical marijuana involve strains that are incapable of making anyone high – ideal for those who want to medicate without a side of ‘stoned’ – like kids with seizure disorders.”

Experiences = Experimenting with Creativity

Building an online community yields exciting results, as we’ve seen with Canadian brand, Birch+Fog, whose platform offers consumers the option to create the experience they are seeking. Think of it as a “choose your own adventure” – except we’re replacing books with craft cannabis flower and a host of other incredible Canadian brands all in one place. Since their e-shop is structured so that visitors can shop by the experiences they seek, it helps to take out a lot of the guesswork.

Birch and Fog Green Renaissance

Green Renaissance

If smoking isn’t your cup of tea (and yes, they have that too), their edibles section is fully loaded with tasty treats that will help you get to where you want to be.

Now, while seasoned cannabis enthusiasts are well aware of the formalities, newbies and the canna-curious are more likely to proceed with caution. Edibles are fun and delicious, but the difference between living the dream and ending up in an anxiety-ridden black hole can be as little as one bite. In order to avoid that, the Birch+Fog team have provided a simple graph to help you to gauge just how high of a dose would be best suited for you.

green renaissance

Bonus material: check out their informative Learn Page to see what info bits their team is cooking up!

MILKWEED Canadian Cannabis Accessories Toronto Ontario Weed

Milkweed Cannabis Accessories for the Refined Enthusiast

Earlier this fall, I found myself in a cozy backyard for the launch of a brand new elevated lifestyle company, Milkweed. I’m passionate about owning and showing off locally crafted goods, so Milkweed was naturally exciting as hell for me. All Milkweed cannabis essentials are hand-crafted by Canadian creators, both purposeful and functional. Raw materials like clay, wood, and leather come together to bring modern sophistication and mindful intention to your cannabis consumption ritual. Never before has a “weed person” like myself dreamed of owning beautiful ashtrays, but now, there’s Milkweed.

The Milkweed Cannabis Accessory Collection

The current collection features a curation of Canadian artisans, including: The Otter Potter, Hide Boutique, Niki Marie Groulx and more. I was happily introduced to Niki, a master ceramicist who I may or may not have fangirled over. Everything she has created for the Milkweed cannabis accessories are small-batch and personal.

The Collection Tray ($22 CAD) is not only functional but beautiful, nesting within the Anytime Tray ($44 CAD). These two items, paired or separate, will certainly make great host gifts or quick “thinking of you and your wellbeing” tokens of appreciation.

My ideal setup would include: the Bentway Tray ($95 CAD) for its beautiful black walnut and optimal presentation, Midnight Bowl ($35 CAD) to capture all of my pre-rolls (and honestly just to look at), and the Cabin Vibe Canister ($45 CAD) to contain whatever is on rotation for the week.

For those of us sick of improvising with whatever’s within reach (see: me crouched over a hotel bathroom toiletry tray, armed with a bobby pin and some corner store rolling papers), the Road Trip Kit ($245 CAD) is a traveler’s dream. Once I get my hands on it – it’s currently sold out – this will be in my arsenal for all future elevated adventures, and for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of Milkweed is a bit of a dream. These pieces are a grown-up way to bring beauty and functionality to your setup, all while keeping your ritual discreet and low-maintenance.

Website: https://shopmilkweed.ca
Instagram: @milkweed_co

Milkweed Cannabis Accessories

Green Market TO midsummer nights dream cannabis infused party

An Infused Dinner Party is Coming to Toronto!

The green renaissance is bringing a whole other experience to dinner parties, and we are completely FINE with that! From the organizers of Toronto’s infused market, Green Market TO will be holding a farm to table dinner celebrating the best of craft in Canada, and it’s happening this Monday, July 31st.

This event presents an exclusive opportunity to taste Baker’s Shop Chef Lida-Tuy’s Ontario tasting menu sponsored by Hidden Valley Reserve. There will be a special limited edition Bakers Shop loot bag for each attendee including Green Market goodies. Tickets are $200 a person and include five infused courses paired with a fine selection of extracts.

Not entirely sold yet? Perhaps their menu will elevate your inspiration 😉

Midsummer Night’s Dream Dinner Menu

  • Crostini; sage pea puree, sauteed mushrooms, pickled onions.
  • Sweet Beet Salad; beets, honey goat cheese, bacon, carrots, spicy candied sunflower/pumpkin seeds, greens tossed in mustard seed dressing, sunflower sprouts.
  • Two Bite Poutine; mushroom gravy, herbed goat cheese, bacon lardons.
  • Pork Loin; swiss chard, sage brown butter carrots, smashed potatoes, peach puree, charred onion.
  • Roast Peach; spiced with sumac, raspberry drizzle, burnt honey ice cream, spicy candied pumpkin/sunflower seeds.

Vegan Options Available!

For the non-carnivorous folks, rest assured that there will be vegan alternatives available.

Loot Bags!

Take some dinner swag home with you, courtesy of Bakers Shop, and indulge in some additional goodies at your leisure.

The Details

When: July 31st 2017

Where: Toronto Location TBD

How much: $200

Tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite.

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available, email torontogreenmarket@gmail.com for more information.

canadian medical cannabis unsplash get budding

How to Procure Your Medical Cannabis Recommendation in Canada

Procuring cannabis in Canada is pretty straight forward (for the most part) if you know where to go and whom to speak to. However, getting a medical cannabis recommendation is another story depending on where you live.

Since Quebec needs to be…umm, different (see: difficult) in this area, we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you apply for your medical cannabis recommendation. Surprisingly, I didn’t lose any hair or years off of my life as I had originally feared, so, win!

So why is it so challenging to obtain a medical cannabis card in Quebec?

The college of physicians for Quebec is far more strict when it comes to narcotic prescriptions. For this reason, Quebec doctors rarely sign scripts, instead, they refer their patients to out of province physicians or clinics with telecommunication.

Why get your medical cannabis recommendation?

Once I was offered more resources and explanations into how cannabis strains differ from one another, I was flabbergasted by just how vast the selection was. Take Leafly, for example,  hundreds of strains and counting, each catering to a different ailment or mood with FULL explanations and breakdowns. Wouldn’t you rather know exactly what kind of flower or extracts you are buying and what you should expect from your experience?

There are SO many advantages to buying cannabis from a dispensary or going through a clinic and or LP (licensed producer). For starters, you never know what you’re getting from the black market, (I hate this term, btw) pushers/dealers. So many questions to be asked: what’s in this, what am I REALLY smoking, where is it from, etc etc.

Purchasing regulated cannabis means that the growth process is monitored, tested and signed off on. It’s super strict, so what you see is what you get and you know exactly what you are consuming. Transparency is important!

Getting your medical cannabis recommendation in Quebec with Sante Cannabis

First step: Referral

Go see your family doctor (if you have one) or a physician who has treated you in the past (preferably for the condition that you would like to be treated for with cannabis).Visit Sante Cannabis online to get the referral form.

May the force be with you.

Second step: Family medical file & history of medication

You will need to provide a list of medications from your pharmacy that you have been prescribed over the last 3-5 years. This part is probably the biggest pain in the ass, but when you get here, give yourself a pat on the back because the hardest parts are over!

They need to see that you have tried other medications other than cannabis. Once you have sent everything in, expect to wait 4-6 weeks for a follow-up and answer from the clinic.

Third Step: Wait

If you’ve made it this far, the hard part is over. You should get a call back or an email from the staff at Sante Cannabis within 6-8 weeks.

Here is a list of cannabis clinics and services that can help you out across Canada

It’s very easy for adults in Canada to access legal medication through a specialist doctor or their family doctor. All of the below-listed companies are packed with online resources to help you get that medical recommendation. So, even if you’re living in Quebec, these folks make it very easy for adults living across Canada to access legal medication through a specialist doctor or their family doctor.

National Acess Cannabis

For the most part, your doctor will need to complete the attached ‘Medical Referral Form‘ in order to be eligible to see our doctor. $50+tax yearly administration fee. If your doc refuses, you will need to obtain a copy of your prescription history and any medical info regarding what you would like to be treated for.

Get the lowdown by visiting National Access Cannabis online for a more detailed explanation.

Annual fee: $50

Canada Bliss Herbals

Canada Bliss Herbals is an online retailer that requires a membership signup. Once you fill out the necessary application you will be connected with a doctor who will ask you a couple of questions via skype.

Visit them online to apply and view their process or access their e-shop.

Annual fee: $50

Cann Trust

Here are the basics to registering yourself with Cann Trust. For a more detailed explanation, visit them online and you’ll be registered in no time.

Step 1: Talk to your doctor and have them complete the CannTrust Medical Document.
Step 2: Register to become a patient with CannTrust
Step 3: Submit your documents to CannTrust online, or via secure fax line at 1-844-295-6641 or via mail at:

CannTrust Inc.
P.O. Box 92068-9200 Weston Road
Vaughan, ON
L4H 3J3

And there you have it, register with the right LP or clinic to meet your needs and you’ll be medicating in no time!

Hempmed CBD

Recreation and Recovery: Why CBD is Becoming the Go-To Remedy for Training

No matter what your fitness goals are, working out does a world of good for our body, mind, and soul. What’s not to love? It makes you feel great, boosts confidence and it’s a great way for you to challenge yourself mentally and physically.

But what about recovery? More and more fitness lovers and athletes are turning to cannabidiol as part of their post-workout healing regime, to take advantage of nature’s oldest medicinal (and most controversial) healing herbs.

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Topical Bliss: Finding Relief in Miss Envy Botanicals

Intense physical activity is a popular way to manage stress and stay in shape. The rush of adrenaline during a run becomes addictive, same goes with weightlifting. While it’s likely that both of these activities will leave you feeling sore the very next day and it’s advised that you stretch it out afterward, sometimes our muscles need a little extra TLC.


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