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No matter what your fitness goals are, working out does a world of good for our body, mind, and soul. What’s not to love? It makes you feel great, boosts confidence and it’s a great way for you to challenge yourself mentally and physically.

But what about recovery? More and more fitness lovers and athletes are turning to cannabidiol as part of their post-workout healing regime, to take advantage of nature’s oldest medicinal (and most controversial) healing herbs.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

As per its traditional definition, cannabinoids are chemical compounds that affect neurotransmitters our brain. Typically derived from hemp (although not exclusively), CBD provides many physical benefits to the body without the psychoactive effects that you would get from THC.

How Does CBD Aid With Recovery?

If you’ve ever worked out, you’re well aware of the sore muscle sensation that comes after the matter, particularly from heavy weight training. CBD relieves inflammation and improves the healing process. It’s also relaxing, which is why we love adding CBD bath bombs to our soak session after a spin or barre class.


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