About a year ago I became reacquainted with cannabis – as part of my job. No, I wasn’t getting paid to smoke it (umm, how awesome would that be?), but rather I was commissioned as a copywriter and creative mind for a special project involving an upcoming craft cannabis brand. Three brands and one parent company later, I was getting more than just the lingo down. Eventually, I traveled to California for a bliesure trip (yes, you read that right), where business meet leisure is now called ‘bleisure’.


It was during this trip where I experienced several serendipitous encounters – all of which were centered around cannabis, and on the last day was invited to attend a singles mixer. It was here that I met L.A’s very own Mary Jane matchmaker, Molly Peckler, Founder of Highly Devoted.

What stuck out the most about this was the ease of connecting with people like everyone was just so laid back and easy to make conversation without passing judgment. I think it was the first time that I felt truly comfortable in that kind of social setting in a very VERY long time.

Meanwhile, back home in Canada, the Toronto cannabis community was thriving and I never even knew it. Sure, Vancouver’s made sense, but TORONTO. Damn, y’all are on fire!

How cannabis changed my career – for the better

I reached a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial career where I knew that it was time to go back on my own and return to the beaten up path of adventure and uncertainty. Only this time uncertainty felt comfortable, warm and welcoming, which is unlikely when you are taking the plunge and leaving the security of a constant cash flow.

During my first month with my new wings of freedom, I was eager to learn as much as I could and network the sh*t out of each conference and expo that I had lined up. I traveled to New Orleans for a tech conference (non-cannabis related, but still essential) and Toronto (four trips in 5 weeks).

The people I met were awe-inspiring, a canna-tribe, if you will, full of dynamic personalities and diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds all on the same quest to spread the good word about this sacred, life-changing plant.


Jessica Nudo

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